University Club Menu Prices, Nutrition Facts and Locations

Homemade Mac-N-Cheese $5.95
Vegetarian Pot Stickers $6.95 with sesame ginger sauce
Quesadilla $7.95 with monterey jack, salsa fresca, guacamole, and sour cream regular
Quesadilla $8.95 add chicken
Quesadilla $10.95 add shrimp
House Soup $3.95 - $4.95 tomato-basil soup
House Salad $5.95 mixed green salad
Asian Chicken Salad $9.95 grilled breast of chicken with almonds, mandarin oranges and fried noodles tossed in sesame-ginger vinaigrette
California Salad $9.95 smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, gorgonzola cheese, hard-boiled eggs with pineapple-mango vinaigrette
Blackened Salmon Salad $12.95 grilled corn, tomatoes, jicama, avocado and southwest chili vinaigrette
Blackened Vegetable Salad $9.95 grilled corn, tomatoes, jicama, avocado and southwest chili vinaigrette
Spinach Salad $9.95 bacon, goat cheese, roma tomato, and honey dijon dressing
Caesar Salad $6.95 tossed romaine lettuce with croutons
Caesar Salad $9.95 add chicken
Caesar Salad $12.95 add shrimp
Cheese Or Pepperoni $13.95 - $7.95
Roma Tomato And Basil $13.95 - $7.95
BBQ Chicken $14.95 - $8.95 with smoked gouda, red onion, and cilantro
Chef’s Half Sandwich Special $7.95 - $8.95 choice of sandwich with soup or ½ salad (mixed green or caesar only)
Smoked Turkey $8.95 with swiss cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato
BLT Americana $7.95 with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado
White Chunk Tuna Or Chicken Salad $7.95 - $8.95
Grilled Chicken Wrap $9.95 with mixed greens, fresh tomato, provolone, and roasted red pepper spread
Grilled Vegetable Wrap $9.95 with mixed greens, sliced mozzarella and balsamic dressing
Focaccia Caprese Melt $9.95 with mozzarella, roma tomato, eggplant and basil pesto
Philly Cheese Steak $10.95 with mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, and bell peppers
University Club Burger   with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and choice of cheese: swiss, american, or cheddar
University Club Burger $8.95 beef or turkey
University Club Burger $9.95 garden
University Club Burger $1.25 add bacon or mushroom
University Club Burger $2.00 add avocado
Grilled Sliced Chicken Breast $10.95 over tortilla mashed potatoes with tomatillo cilantro salsa, and roasted corn
Grilled Salmon Filet $13.95 with fresh mango salsa, rice pilaf and sautéed vegetables
Sirloin Steak Pomme Frites $13.95 with cabernet demi-glace
Jumbo Shrimp Scampi $13.95 sautéed with garlic, butter, and white wine, served with rice pilaf, and sautéed vegetables
Penne Pasta $9.95 with fresh basil pesto cream sauce topped with parmesan
Penne Pasta $11.95 add chicken
Penne Pasta $13.95 add shrimp
Uclub Pre Packaged Sandwich Combo   (with chips and canned soda) turkey, tuna, ham and cheese, tomato basil mozzarella, egg salad, peanut butter and jelly
Uclub Pre Packaged Salads   chicken caesar, asian chicken salad, chicken taco salad
Tiramisu $4.00
NY York Cheese Cake $4.00
Homemade Chocolate Brownies $4.00 with vanilla ice cream
M&M Cookies With Vanilla Ice Cream $5.00
Starbucks Coffee $2.00 regular or decaffeinated
Iced Coffee $2.75 with whipped cream
Hot Tea $2.00
Tropical Iced Tea $2.00
Pellegrino $3.00 natural sparkling mineral water
Fountain Drinks $2.00 pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, pink lemonade, raspberry ice tea, fruit punch
Drink Special Of The Day $5.00
Imported Beer $4.00 corona, heineken, negra modelo, dos equis lager, new castle, amstel light
Domestic Beer $3.00 budweiser, bud light
Pinot Grigio $5.95
House Wine $4.00 cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay

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