Le Pain Quotidien Menu Prices, Nutrition Facts and Locations

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Seasonal Green Salad $7.50 Choice of mesclun, arugula or kale, with shaved vegetables and vinaigrette
Oven-Roasted Chicken Cobb $16.95 Avocado, bacon, hard-boiled egg, fourme d’ambert, mesclun and smoked tea vinaigrette
Quinoa Taboule $13.95 Quinoa, chickpeas, avocado, arugula and basil vinaigrette
Warm Goat Cheese $15.95 Toasted goat cheese on five-grain with arugula, frisee, seasonal fruit, walnuts and apple date vinaigrette
Smoked Salmon $17.50 Fresh dill, shaved vegetables and arugula and goat cheese dressing
Tuscan White Bean & Prosciutto $15.25 Arugula, parmesan, scallions and basil croutons
Lentil & Avocado $14.95 Lentils, carrot, radish, fennel, arugula, sunflower seeds and lemon dijon vinaigrette
Kale Caesar $13.95 Hard boiled egg, parmesan, garlic yogurt caesar dressing and croutons
Avocado Toast $11.95 Citrus cumin salt, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil
Oven Roasted Chicken & Smoked Mozzarella $14.95 Arugula, tomato salsa and basil oil
Hummus $10.95 Shaved vegetables, walnuts, golden raisins and harissa
Smoked Salmon $15.95 Avocado, scallions and dill
Prosciutto, Ricotta & Fig $14.50 Honey, seasonal fruit and arugula
Chicken Curry Salad $12.95 Carrot, sunflower seeds, scallions and mint with cranberry-harissa chutney
Paris Ham & Aged Gruyere $12.95 Served with mustard trio
Pole-Caught Tuna $12.95 Hard-boiled egg, olives, piquillo peppers and caper-mustard aioli
Roasted Turkey & Avocado $13.50 Radish, cucumber, arugula and lemon dijon vinaigrette
Organic Soup of the Day $5.95 - $8.95 Ask your server or see the blackboard for today’s soup. Vegan
Chilled Gazpacho $5.95 - $8.95 Topped with fresh mango, cucumber and radish
Chicken Soup $6.95 - $9.95 Vegetables and quinoa, served with harissa
Quiche Lorraine $14.50 Gruyere, ham and leeks
Vegetable Quiche $13.95 Gruyere, leeks, spinach and mushrooms
Six-Vegetable Tart $14.50 Artichoke, vegetables and tofu on a gluten-free buckwheat crust
The Botanist $15.95 Quinoa taboule, hummus and avocado mash
Artisanal Cheese Board $16.75 Aged goat cheese, camembert, gruyere and fourme d’ambert
Organic Baker’s Basket $6.95 - $10.50 A selection of our organic breads to share
Baguette Organic Bread $4.25
Whole Wheat Organic Bread $4.25
Rye Organic Bread $4.25
French Rolls (2) Organic Bread $4.25
Five Grain Raisin Organic Bread $4.25
Gluten Free Organic Bread $4.25
Side of Smoked Salmon $6.95
Side of Prosciutto $6.95
Paris Ham & Aged Gruyere $6.95
Side of Ricotta $5.95
Petit Dejeuner $16.95 Croissant or pain au chocolat, basket of our organic breads, orange juice and hot beverage. Add organic soft-boiled egg $3.00
Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal Plain $6.50
Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal Bananas $8.50
Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal Walnut & Maple Syrup $9.25
Organic Steel-Cut Oatmeal w/ Fresh Berries $9.25
Warm Belgian Waffle w/ Jam and Fresh Cream $6.95
Warm Belgian Waffle w/ Fresh Berries $7.50
Organic Greek Yogurt Plain $5.95
Organic Greek Yogurt w/ Fresh Berries $7.75
Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait $9.75 Banana and berries
Toasted Paris Ham & Gruyere Croissant $9.95 Served with seasonal green salad
Avocado Toast $11.95 Citrus cumin salt, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil
Organic Brown Rice Pudding $5.95 Nuts, seeds and dried super fruits. Vegan
Cup of Berries $5.00
Berries $7.95
Fresh Fruit Salad $6.95
Fresh Fruit Salad (Full) $8.95
Organic Coconut & Chia Seed Pudding $6.50 Raspberry compote. Vegan
Soft-Boiled Egg (S) $5.25
Soft-Boiled Egg $8.95
Smoked Salmon Breakfast $15.75 Soft-boiled egg, ricotta and wild capers
Croissant $3.95
Pain au Chocolat $4.25
Organic Butter Brioche $4.25
Pain aux Raisins $4.25
Apple Turnover $3.95
Cheese Almond Danish $4.25
French Cream Donut $4.50
Quinoa Spelt Scone $5.25
Organic Blueberry Muffin $4.25 Serve as vegan
Chia Seed Muffin $4.25
Apple Cherry Cannele $3.50 Serve as vegan
Organic Hazelnut Flute $4.25 Serve as vegan
Ricotta $5.95
Lentils $5.95
Avocado Mash $5.95
Quinoa Taboule $5.95
Hummus $5.95
Smoked Salmon $6.95
Prosciutto $6.95
Paris Ham $6.95
Aged Gruyere $6.95
Mini Belgian Brownie $2.00
Belgian Brownie (3) $5.50
Madeleine Mini $2.00
Madeleine (3) $5.50
Pistachio $2.00
Pistachio (3) $5.50
Organic Brown Rice Pudding $5.95 Nuts, seeds and dried super fruits
Banoffee Tart $5.95
Apple Cherry Cannelee $3.50
Coconut Macaroons $3.50 Serve as gluten free
Chocolate Chip Cookie $4.25
Raspberry Cheesecake $4.95
White Chocolate Mousse Cake $6.50
Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake $6.50
French Cream Donut $4.50
Belgian Chocolate Brownie $4.50
Mixed Berry Tart $6.90
Pistachio Tart $5.95
Lemon Tart $5.95
Seasonal Fruit Tart $5.95 Frangipane and almonds
Raspberry Tart $5.95
Organic Coconut & Chia Seed Pudding $6.50
Super Green $8.95 Kale, celery, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, apple, ginger and mint. Vegan
Almond Butter Berry $8.95 Berries, banana, chia seeds, coconut milk and almond butter. Vegan
Featured Daily Blend (Vegan) $8.95
Pot of Coffee $4.25
Americano $4.15
Espresso $3.75
Espresso (Lg) $4.25
Cappuccino $4.95
Cappuccino (Lg) $5.50
Latte $4.95
Latte (Lg) $5.50
Mocha $5.25
Mocha (Lg) $5.25
Cafe au Lait $4.50
Cafe au Lait (Lg) $4.95
Chai Latte $4.95
Chai Latte (Lg) $5.50
Pot of Brussels Breakfast Tea $4.15
Pot of English Breakfast Tea $4.15
Pot of Earl Grey Tea $4.15
Pot of Chunmee Green Tea $4.15
Pot of Jasmine Green Tea $4.15
Pot of Moroccan Mint Tea $4.15
Belgian Hot Chocolate $4.95
Belgian Hot Chocolate (Lg) $5.75
Rg Cold Brew Coffee $4.75
Decaffeinated Cold Brew Coffee $4.75
Iced Latte $4.95
Iced Mocha $5.25
Iced Tea $3.95
Iced Green Tea $3.95
Apple Juice $4.75
Orange Juice $4.75
Lemonade $4.25
Mint Lemonade $4.25
Lemonade Iced Tea $4.25
Raspberry Lemonade $4.50
Water $3.75

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