Joe's Shanghai Menu Prices, Nutrition Facts and Locations

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Crab Meat with Pork Meat Steamed Bun (8) $8.25
Pork Steamed Buns (8) $6.25
Spring Roll $2.25
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce $6.25
Pork Fried or Boiled Dumplings (8) $6.25
Shredded Turnip Shortcake (2) $4.50
Scallion Pancake $2.95
Shanghai Cabbage with Meat Wonton in Broth $6.50
Shanghai Chives & Shrimp with Meat Wonton in Broth $8.25
Shredded Pork with Pickled Cabbage Soup (2) $6.25
Shredded Pork with Pickled Cabbage Soup (2) $6.25
Watercress with Bean Curd Soup (2) $6.25
Minced Chicken with Corn Soup $6.25
Salted Egg, Sliced Pork & Mustard Green Soup (2) $7.25
Hong Kong Style Hot & Sour Soup $8.25
Ham & Winter Melon Soup (2) $8.25
Dry Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables $5.75
Sliced Pickled Cabbage $5.75
Shanghai Fried Bean Curd $5.75
Sliced Kidneys with Mixed Vegetables $6.75
Shredded Chicken with Vermicelli $6.75
Soya Duck $6.75
Braised Sliced Beef $7.75
Wine Chicken $7.75
Braised Pork $7.75
Vegetarian Duck $7.75
Smoked Fish $7.75
Duck's Web with Celery $7.75
Jelly Fish $8.75
Drunken Crabs $9.75 Served raw
Two Kinds of Cold Cut $12.45
Three Kinds of Cold Cut $18.25
Four Kinds of Cold Cut $23.95
Fish Head Casseroles $20.95
Subgum Casserole $18.25
Seafood Casserole $20.25
Salty Pork with Bamboo Shoot & Dry Bean Curd Tripe Casserole $21.25
Scallops & Prawns with Garlic Sauce $21.25
Shredded Eel with Yellow Chives $20.25
Sauteed Baby Shrimp $15.25
Crispy Jumbo Prawns Shell Off with Meat Sauce $19.25
Spicy Pepper Salt Prawns Shell On $18.25
Prawns in Shell in Chili Sauce Shell On $18.25
Braised Shelled Prawns Shell On $18.25
Steamed Buffalo Carp Fish Belly $18.25
Braised Buffalo Carp Fish Belly $18.25
Spicy Buffalo Carp Fish Belly $18.25
Braised Buffalo Carp Fish Tail $16.25
Steamed Whole Fish $20.25
Braised Whole Fish $20.25
Spicy Whole Fish $20.25
Fried Sweet & Sour Whole Fish $20.25
Crispy Whole Fish $20.25
Crispy Fish Fingers with Dry Seaweed $18.25
Fish Filet with Rice Wine Sauce $18.25
Spicy Pepper Salt Fish Filet $18.25
Braised Sea Cucumber $29.25
Braised Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe $30.25
Fresh Calamari with Spicy Black Bean Sauce $16.25
Squid with Salted Vegetable and Jalapeno $16.25
Clams in Black Bean Saue $17.25
Clams with Scallion and Ginger $17.25
Kung Pao Chicken $14.25
Diced Chicken & Cucumber with Hot Pepper $14.25
Deep Fried Spiced Chicken Chunks with Bone $15.25
Sliced Chicken with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots $15.25
Shrimp and Chicken in Plum Sauce $15.25
Sesame Chicken $16.25
Steamed Chicken in Scallion and Ginger Sauce half chicken $16.25
Sliced Chicken with Mixed Vegetable $15.25
General Tso's Chicken $16.25
Braised Duck Half Duck $18.25
Crispy Pepper Skin Duckling Half Duck $18.25
Minced Jalapeno Pepper Sauteed Pork & Squid with Dry Bean Curd $12.25
Moo Shu Pork 4 Pancakes $13.25
Crispy Pork Chop with Pepper Salt $13.25
Lima Bean Salad and Pork with Bean Curd Tripe $13.25
Shredded Pork & Dried Bean Curd with Jalapeno Pepper $13.25
Double Cooked Pork $13.25
Sliced Pork with Scallions $13.25
Chinese Celery with Shredded Dried Bean Curd & Pork $13.25
Stewed Pork with Bean Curd Skin $14.25
Fresh Bacon with Preserved Vegetable $14.25
Lion's Head Stewed Meat Balls $15.25
Sauteed Shrimp and Hunan Pork $15.25
Braised Pork Shoulder $18.25
Beef with Broccoli $14.95
Beef with Scallions $14.95
Shredded Beef with Green Peppers $14.95
Beef with String Beans $14.95
Shredded Beef with Salted Vegetables & Jalapeno $14.95
Dried Sauteed Shredded Beef $14.95
Szechuan Beef Casserole $14.95
Szechuan Beef with Bean Curd $14.95
Orange Beef $16.95
Sesame Beef $16.95
Stewed Mixed Vegetables $11.25
Chinese Cabbage with Dried Shrimps $11.25
Bean Curd Home Style $11.25
Bean Curd Szechuan Style with Pork $11.25
Vegetable with Bean Curd $11.25
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce with Pork $11.25
String Bean Szechuan Style with Pork $11.25
Sauteed Black Mushrooms with Bamboo Shoots $11.25
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables   Seasonal price
Black Mushroom with Cabbage Heart $14.25
Stewed Bean Curd with Crab Meat $15.25
Shanghai Noodle Soup $6.25
Shredded Pork and Pickled Cabbage Noodle Soup $6.25
Shredded Pork and Salted Vegetable Noodle Soup $6.25
Subgum Noodle Soup $6.25
Pork Chop Noodle Soup $6.25
Shredded Pork Noodle Soup $6.25
Peking Style Minced Pork Noodle $6.25
Bean Curd and Pickled Cabbage Vermicelli Soup $6.25
Shanghai Plain Noodle Soup $5.25
Sliced Braised Beef Noodle Soup $6.25
Szechuan Beef Tendon Noodle Soup $6.25
Shredded Beef and Jalapeno Noodle Soup $7.25
Smoked Fish Noodle Soup $6.25
Shrimp Noodle Soup $6.25
Seafood Noodle Soup $8.25
Shanghai Fried Flat Noodle $9.25
Seafood Fried Flat Noodle $15.25
Shanghai Fried Rice Eggs and Scallion $7.25
Young Chow Fried Rice $10.25
Fried Rice $9.25 Choice of pork, beef, chicken or vegetable
Shrimp Fried Rice $10.25
Singapore Chow Mei Fun $9.25
Pan Fried Noodles $10.25 Choice of pork, beef, chicken or vegetable
Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles $13.25
Subgum Pan Fried Noodles $14.25
Seafood Pan Fried Noodles $15.25
Fried Rice Cake $10.25 Choice of pork, beef, chicken or vegetable
Shrimp Fried Rice Cake $13.25
Subgum Fried Rice Cake $14.25
Seafood Fried Rice Cake $15.25
Shrimp Lo Mein $11.25
Lo Mein $9.25 Choice of pork, beef, chicken or vegetable
Steamed Rice $1.25
Homemade Sweet Red Bean Shortcake (2) $4.25
Homemakde Sweet Red Bean Pancake $5.25
Amandine Tofu with Fruit Cocktail $3.50
Rice Wine Sweet Congee with Rice Balls $4.25
Steam, Fried Mini Buns $3.25

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